My Color Street

My Color Street

11085 Cherry Hill Ave Circle Bradenton FL 34202
Rosemarie Pearcey

The colors are vibrant, the finishes glossy, and they easily adhere to the nail instantly. These stunning nail polish strips keep their good looks up to 10 days, and they’re easy to remove with any nail polish remover. Imagine a room full of people connecting, sharing stories, and chatting about fashion. What is the accessory that makes every look complete? Nail fashion of course! “Social selling” is the perfect way to share these magnificent nail strips: after all, in the busy world we live in, who doesn’t like to get together for some fun down time?


LulaRoe is a clothing line designed to bring comfortable clothing to women sizes xxs-3xl.

Our goal is to bring fashion choices to all women. My Motto: Where fashion meets comfort.

(We specialize in Leggings, Skirts, Dresses and Tops)


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