Patient Advocate of Southwest FL, LLC

2402 Sofia Lane, Punta Gorda, FL 33983, USA
2402 Sofia Lane Punta Gorda Florida 33983 US
CarolAnne Dube

Patient Navigation, Advocacy & Consulting: Easing the burden patients experience while navigating the healthcare system.
As a professional patient advocate, my focus is on providing effective, knowledgeable, and compassionate health navigation and advocacy. I take a client-centered approach focused on self-reliance, determination, and patient rights. With my healthcare background, my experience with and knowledge of the SYSTEM – who I need to know, and how to get things done. Our services include: Medical Care Navigation, Addiction Navigation for Spouses and Families, Bedside Advocacy, Transitions of Care, Consulting & Coaching.

Professional patient advocates serve in an information and facilitation role in health care. We empower clients by providing background knowledge of the healthcare system, making them aware of their options, and feeling confident in voicing their care goals and choices.
We do not make decisions for our patients. We do not provide any clinical services.

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