Faces Defined Permanent Cosmetics

Face Defined Permant Cosmetics

Marilyn Rustand is a 18-yr veteran in the permanent cosmetics industry, specializing in the application of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color, a cosmetic tattoo. The process Includes free consultation, initial visit for application of color and a follow-up visit to adjust any color or shape if needed. Sparse eyebrows can be restored with permanent eyebrow procedures, varying from soft powdery appearance to more definitive color or individual hair strokes. Permanent eyeliner can define the eyes and is unaffected by allergies or tearing: no more smudgy, smeared eyeliner! Soft natural placement of pigment to the lash lines, or thin to moderate eyeliner or a more defined thicker eyeliner will always remain perfectly in place. For lips definition or enhancement, choices include lip liner or full lip color to achieve fuller appearance and replace pale natural coloring. Benefits include persons with vision problems, motor skill impairments that make it difficult to apply topical makeup: brow loss from chemo or thyroid med; active people that always want to look their best! No more reapplying topical makeup several times/ day!




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