The Path of Being

Psychic and Intuitive Tarot Readings at The Path of Being…. Let our psychics and intuitive tarot readers help you see how the changes in your life might effect you and the people around you. Making changes can feel overwhelming… even good ones can make you feel uncertain at times. A tarot reading can guide you to make those changes in a way that beneficial by helping you see the pitfalls before they happen.

Esoteric Healing at The Path of Being…. We can help you gain balance and healing through a variety of different healing practice’s, to include chakra balancing, cord cuttings and DNA activation’s.

We have psychic and intuitive tarot readings daily. We offer a variety of different meditation options, such as crystal bowl mediation, guided meditation and mindful meditation’s. At the Path of Being we work together to help you balance all aspects in your life.

Join us as we support a variety of classes and workshops. Learn about your astrology chart, the keys that help make You


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