Symmetry Exercise Clinic

1750 J and C Blvd #10, Naples, FL 34109, USA
1750 J and C Boulevard Naples Florida 34109 US
Jan Kerrigan

Our private facility in Naples is a space that encourages one-on-one attention and allows us to do physical assessments and muscular manipulation as well as physical fitness.

We are not a fad gym. There is no line for the treadmill or some stranger next to you blaring music. Our facility and our staff are focused on you from start to finish and we respect your time and schedule.

Depending on your needs determined during your initial consultation your sessions may be only a series of muscle activation and resistance training or a combination of both table work and exercise and training in our fitness center.

Either way, we are only booked for one-on-one time with you and your needs so there is never any downtime and you can get on with your day, and feeling better in no time.

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